Haiku For September 2023

It’s blowing in the wind?

K R Smith


There had been too many hot days recently. The mild drought in my area seemed to make it worse. Fortunately, hurricane Lee’s passing along the Atlantic coast brought both rain and cooler temperatures. Some days have been almost autumn-like.

I had already written this haiku for September, but I was not happy with it. Although the sentiment was appropriate, it was too abrupt and didn’t feel quite poetic enough.

September whispers;
I hear its sweet voice call me,
“Come outside again!”

While on a walk and taking a few pictures, I came up with a different idea. The sky was incredibly blue. The moon, visible that day, seemed to fade into it so softly. And that’s what led me here…

Photo of the moon by K. R. Smith taken September 2023. It is a half moon against a blue sky.

While not exactly the blue moon that is celebrated in folk lore and song, it was blue!

For those using a screen reader, the haiku is:

Cool breezes whisper;
Their magic breaks summer’s spell
Under a blue moon

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