Everyone who fishes has a favorite spot, don’t they?

A canoe on a lake. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

I tell people I’m mainly a horror writer, though I haven’t done much in that genre for a while, let alone a poem. I’m sure I’ve written a few horrible poems, but that’s not the same thing at all, is it?

I was doing a bit of cleanup a few…

Curious Turns of Phrase #6

We’ve all heard it before. Someone says, “He sure put his foot in it this time.”

A person’s foot (wearing a black sneaker) being lifted out of a puddle along a street.

The expression has always been a fond part of my verbal repartee having spent a good deal of my life around cows. Enough said about that.

And yet it is the virtual representation of…

It is curious how names come to be

The yellow bloom of Coreopsis verticillata, or Whorled Tickseed, against a dark background.

It is early autumn now. The Coreopsis is in full bloom. They grow natively where I live. The paths by the woodlands are overgrown with them. Bees hover over their blossoms. It has become a favorite even though it is haunted by an unfortunate name — Tickseed.

By Any Other…

Is that a bad thing?

When JL Matthews first put out his post on helping get others over the 100-follower level, I really didn’t expect to get more than a few folks to follow me. I hadn’t generated much interest before then. …

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, and maybe try again?

It was going to be a relatively easy morning. I had several items to go to the local dump. Some of them were for the recycle bins and other were just trash. Either way, my car was full of stuff. …

Browsing around for an answer?

Let’s say you’re sitting around one evening cruising the Internet when you have the sudden urge to know the area of a circle with a 14.5 inch (or centimeter) diameter. I know — it happens to me all the time.

A man at a chalkboard working on a circular diagram with formulas on the board behind him.

The formula is simple enough: A = π r²


Soap on a rope?

I’ve continued to read stories on and research Kindle Vella between my limited attempts to write a suitable tale for the platform. It’s coming eventually — I think. In the meantime, I’ve found a few curious nuances to Vella. Some have me wondering how they might play out.

A person using an eReader on the beach — Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash.

According to…

Fading flames of summer?

Although it is still summer, there is a difference in the sky. The sun passes closer to the horizon, its light not quite so strong. The mid-day heat loses some of its power; nights bring the hint of a chill. The birds and other wildlife begin to show an urgency…

This is a problem I didn’t think I’d ever have…

A week ago, I had two followers on Medium. Then I found some folks on here who got together to give others a boost towards the 100-follower goal allowing them to stay (or get) in the Medium Partner Program.

I’m not quite there (yet?), but I now have 32 followers.

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