Haiku For September 2022

Autumn is sneaking up on me…

K R Smith
2 min readSep 14, 2022


Before getting to my latest haiku, I’d like to thank Jake Courtney, Elena, Chris Noonan, Matt Middleton, and Terri Deno who all clapped for one of my previous entries, Dark Haiku. Thank you for reading and clapping! Please check out their work!

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It seems as if I was sweating through yet another heat wave only yesterday. Now, a few leaves are starting to turn yellow, brown, and orange. There is a chill to the evening air. Autumn has crept in the back door unannounced.

Not that I mind, of course. The days are still more than warm enough. The oppressive heat seems to have moved on, however. Thunderstorms are neither as plentiful nor as ferocious. A faint mist hovers over the lowlands in the morning. The world takes a calming breath before carrying on with business.

For those using a screen reader, the haiku is:

Without words, they speak;
Each season has a story —
If we will listen

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