Fall Back and Punt?

Though the thought of making it to the end zone is a little disturbing

K R Smith
2 min readOct 3, 2023

September was too busy for writing or art or much of anything fun. There were (and are) things to be done. It’s October now and I have a brief moment for reflection before the drudgery begins anew.

A picture of laptop and a tablet on a desk. It’s sort of similar to my set-up, though a bit neater…
Photo by Olena Bohovyk on Unsplash

One point of concern is the fate of my serial story The Dark Scent of Rain. I know how it will work out plot-wise, but the medium for the story is in doubt. I was going to say, “No pun intended,” but perhaps there is. Medium doesn’t seem to be the place for it. Here are the stats are for the story as of today:

As one can see, the readership, views, and earnings have all tanked. I know it doesn’t help that I didn’t have an episode for September as planned, though I’m not sure it would have made a difference. I do have a plan in mind for the next episode. If that fails to draw enough interest, however, I’ll pull it from Medium and finish it as a Kindle Vella story.

There is also the continuing fiasco of the Shore Leave Convention (and Farpoint). The conventions themselves are fine, but there is no longer the long-standing hotel location for the events. The Delta Hotel by Marriott in Hunt Valley is closing at the end of October. The property is changing hands, but beyond that, nothing has been made public. Both conventions (and other events) are now searching for a new location. I sell artwork there and give away books from various writers to help promote their work. I’m uncertain what the future holds at this point.

I also would like to get back on Substack. I hope I remember how it works!

I am also on BlueSky now (in addition to X), though I have done absolutely nothing there except create a user id (@krsmith.bsky.social). You can look for me there. You won’t find much, but you can look!

So, that’s where it stands. Try to calm yourself. I won’t be responsible for anyone getting over-excited…



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